Course curriculum

    1. B004 - How to Make a Regular Milk Tea

    2. B008 - How to Make a Taro Drink Using Powder

    3. B009 -how to Make A Thai Tea

    4. B010 - How to Make a Black Tea Drink

    5. B013 - How to Brew Jasmine Green Tea Base

    6. BO14 - How to Make a Jasmine Green Tea Drink

    7. B015 - How to Make a Strawberry Black Tea Drink

    8. B016 - How to Use Tea Blender

    9. B017 - How to make an Assam Milk Tea Drink Using Powder Dispenser

    10. B018 - How to Make an Assam Milk Tea Drink Using the Powder Scoop

    11. B019 - How to Brew Regular Assam Black Tea Base

    12. B020 - How to Brew Strong Black Tea Base for Milk Tea

    13. B021 - How to Make Syrup Based Smoothie Using Whole Milk Normal Sweet

    14. B022 - How to Make Syrup Based Slushie Normal Sweet

    15. B023 - How to Make Taro Smoothie Using Whole Milk

    16. B025 - How to Make a Mango Smoothie Using Whole Milk (Sweetener)

    17. B026 - How to Make a Mango Different Flavored Slushie (Sweetener)

    18. B031 - How to Cook Tapioca Pearls

    19. B033 - How to Make Egg Pudding

    20. B034 - How to Make Grass Jelly

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